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Depending on what type of business you run, you’ll need different kinds of software for your purposes. From simple word processing software to more complicated field service software, there are many types of software available to business owners. Here, we’ll go over 5 common types of software that businesses use.

1. Word processing software

From the biggest corporation to the smallest one-person company, almost every business needs some form of word processing software. Whether it is writing up a formal grant application, or typing up the copy for your website, there are many tasks that word processing software can be used for.

Common word processors include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple’s Pages. The most commonly used word processor is Microsoft Word, and many people advertise their skills with Word when applying for jobs. Word is available with a license that you can purchase online or in-store. Google Docs is a free option that’s popular with startups and other small businesses.

2. Field service software

Field service software is used to track employees’ locations while they are on the job. The classic example is if you have technicians that work off-site. Field service software can report their whereabouts and location, while making their job easier to perform. It can offer route suggestions and provide a customer’s file, allowing for personalized service. Field service software is also sometimes used for mobile doctor or nurse services. It can help the customer see when the technician or practitioner is arriving, reducing the load on customer service representatives.

3. Payroll software

Any business with employees needs payroll software. Some businesses choose to outsource this functionality to a dedicated payroll company, but these companies typically take a percentage off the top and can be hard to work with. With payroll software, you can produce your own timesheets, paystubs, and you can even remit payments using the service, especially if your employees are signed up for direct deposit.

4. Security software

Security software protects your business’s assets and ensures you are safe from hackers and other online criminals. Security software offers a number of benefits including encryption of your data, anti-virus options, and identity theft protection. Some companies specialize in security software and can provide a unified security solution for your business, while others provide single services like anti-virus software. Getting a proper set of security software is essential to have a functional business.

5. Content management system

Content management systems or CMS are used to manage a business’s online content. The most common CMS is called WordPress, and it’s used to manage blogs and static pages. WordPress is extremely user-friendly with a simple interface, making it easy to create the website of your dreams. Other popular CMS options include Java, python, and Perl backends. These are typically custom-written for your business by professional programmers, but other CMS systems like wordpress offer this for free.