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Some people wonder whether it’s worth it to hire a pro when it comes to moving. Obviously, it costs more to hire professional movers than to do it yourself, but it’s best thought of as an investment. Here, we’ll go over some facts about professional movers.

1. Professional movers can take inventory

Professional movers are trained to know how much space, time, and manpower is required to move the contents of a house. Just from a quick walkthrough, professional movers can tell how big of a truck to pack your house into and how many hours it will take to complete the move. This can be really helpful, because it’s hard to estimate on your own. It means that on moving day everything will go smoothly, because you have the right amount of space and movers.

2. Movers can make a plan for protecting your most valuable goods

Anyone who owns anything breakable, delicate, or easily damaged knows that it can be a challenge, and a frightening one at that, to try and move them from place to place. Hiring a pro can give you peace of mind. A professional mover will explain how they recommend the item is packed, loaded, and transported from place to place. Beware of movers who dismiss your concerns, and find one with good insurance for damaged items.

3. Movers know how to load the truck

It’s one thing to pick something up and move it from one place to another, but it’s another thing to load everything in the correct order, and arrange the boxes so they are stable during transit. Nothing’s worse than opening up the truck at the end of your DIY move to find boxes toppled over and broken furniture. A professional mover knows how to use common furniture, like mattresses, bed frames, and cabinets to support towers of boxes. This is just one of many benefits of hiring a professional.

4. Movers can secure the load

Movers usually come prepared with a stack of cables, ties, and bands that can be used to secure your items in the truck. This means your items are less likely to break in transit, and they won’t shake around in the truck. Securing the load is much more difficult if you’re doing it yourself, and you’ll have to invest money in straps, cable and ties. It’s better to hire a pro.

5. Movers know how to drive a truck

It’s a scary fact that U-Haul lets anyone drive a truck around with nothing more than a license and $20. If the truck is short, it may be similar to a mini van. But when you’re moving anything more than a 1 bedroom apartment, you’ll need a bigger van than U-Haul offers. Not only will you have to drive the truck, you’ll have to park it in front of the new place, a feat that not many can accomplish. Pro Toronto movers go to the new house early and set up cones so they have a spot.

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