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1. Rotary Leak Testers

These testers provide high speed and accuracy for any on-the-line leak testing. Rotary leak tests are used to confirm the integrity of a food’s container by testing the containers when they are empty. The testers verify the integrity of the seal by evaluating a container when it is filled.

You can use rotary leak testers for testing empty plastic bottles or sealed and filled products. Testers are also featured for large containers. Whichever type of tester you select, you can be assured of fast and accurate readings. This type of high-accuracy and high-speed testing equipment is not only used for food packaging but it is also used for applications in the household, personal care, industrial, and automotive industries.

Containers are fed through the rotary test with the test time and speed calculated by the number of test stations used for deciphering leaks. Rotary testers may feature from five to 30 test stations and can reach speeds as high as 1,200 bottles per minute. Any bad containers are ejected when they leave the machine.

2. Linear Leak Testers

A linear leak tester is often used to test for leaks in plastics and may feature a single or multiple numbers of test stations. These test stations are established for testing bottles on a conveyor. This is in contrast to testing by a rotary tester, which tests containers on a turntable.

This type of leak detection equipment is used in food and beverage processing as well as in the pharmaceutical field. If you need to have plastic bottles tested, this type of testing equipment offers a more affordable and flexible method of assessment. A full range of these testers is featured online, many of which are displayed with standard platforms.

3. Integrated Leak Testers

A leak tester can be set up to integrate with other equipment so leak testing may be performed. Therefore, you can have the leak tester customized to your specifications if needed. To find out more about this specially configured tester, you should ask the leak testing equipment company for a quote online or contact the business by phone.

4. Food Package Testers


Leak testing equipment is also featured that tests the seal strength and resiliency of the packages that hold food items. To learn what tester is right for you, you need to contact a leak testing and packaging testing company and find out what equipment is best suited to your operations. Leak testing covers plastic bottles for beverages as well as packages for food. Therefore, you need to tell the company about what kind of product package or container you need to test for leaks. Food packaging testers are available in a wide range of configurations.


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