Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implant is a term used for the process of replacing missing teeth with artificial implants. An implant is basically made of titanium. The process is done by a dentist who is a person specialized in teeth related problems. The implants are screw like parts which are fixed into the jaw bone and act like the root of the tooth being replaced.

Before a dentist proposes a dental implant there are several factors that are taken into consideration. These are factors like whether or not a patient had some teeth removed before, the general dental health of the patient and the number of teeth to be replaced.
These factors determine the time that will be taken to have a patient treated and the number of visits they need to make to the dentists to recover fully.
The procedure for the dental implant is done in several steps. The first step involves the dentist numbering the patients mouth with local anesthesia after which an incision is made in the patients gum to allow the implant to be exposed to the bone underneath. A special type of a drill is then used to make a space that is occupied by the implant in the bone.
After all this is done., the gum is now ready to accommodate the implant which is screwed in with a special type of a drill. When the implant fits in, it’s then supported by making a stitch 0r more depending on the patient to help the implant stay in place. After several weeks the implant becomes firm and strongly attached to the bone.
After confirming that the implant is firm, the implant is then re-exposed . Another small incision is made to expose the implant for any impression that is taken. This component is what the dentist use to fit in a new crown.
The dentist then makes continuous appointments with the patient after which is the dentist gets satisfied, he then places the new crown.

After all this has been done, the patience is advised to take precautions and to be careful with their dental hygiene for there might occur some complications even after all this process has been completed. The new implant should be brushed and checked regularly like a normal tooth.
In case of complications that might be caused by the body resisting the new implant or the implant does not adhere to the bone should be reported to the dental services immediately.