Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt – Keep Your Roads Safe!

Winter comes every year and brings a cover of ice and snow with it. The roads, the trees, the once-colourful views are now completely covered in white. We all love snow and get excited on the first day it begins to snow.

However, after all the fun with snow ends, we realize that the snow has brought about another problem for us to deal with. How do we drive to work or to college when we can’t even see the road?

Clearing the snow manually can take a lot of effort and be tiring. And it can also not be done easily when you have to clear all the roads and there’s not much time.

Magnesium Chloride or MAG, is a chemical compound that can be used to melt ice easily. It is quick in absorbing moisture and works by absorbing the moisture from ice, thus dissolving it quickly. This, in turn, leads to melting of ice which is in the surrounding area as well.

Dumping MAG on roads during winter can clear up the roads in no time and have people commuting on the roads as usual. There is no hindrance to transportation and people do not face any challenges while driving. It makes the roads safer and reduces the risk of driving during bad weather conditions.

Magnesium chloride is applied on the roads twice during winter season. The first time is before winter actually begins. This prevents the roads and concrete from bonding with the falling ice or snow. It also has the ability to reduce the temperature at which water freezes. Once winter weather begins and continues for a while, magnesium chloride is applied once again. This time, it is used as a de-icing agent. It can quickly cut through ice and thick snow formations and melt them in no time.

By the application of magnesium chloride in two parts, roads are made safer and are preserved from getting damaged due to the harsh weather conditions.

One major advantage of using magnesium chloride as an ice melt is that it is cost effective. It is comparatively less expensive than other ice-melting agents and also, since it is obtained from natural resources, there is no need to worry about over consuming it. An additional advantage is that it is not very corrosive and thus, reduces the cost of equipment maintenance compared to traditional de-icing agents.

Not only can MAG be used to clear the roadways and highways, but also to clear up your own driveways. Magnesium Chloride suppliers prepare MAG in different forms according to the needs of the customer. For domestic use, it is available in the stores as pellets which can be sprinkled on your lawns or around your houses to clear the snow. It is harmless and so, you need not worry about anything happening to your pets.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering how you’re going to clear up the snow that has accumulated in your back yard, remember that Magnesium Chloride is here to make that very task easier.