How to Come Up with Creative Coffee Packaging Ideas

For a large majority of us, a cup of coffee is part of our morning ritual. As soon as you take your first sip, the brain is immediately met with euphoric sensations. Your usual cup of coffee, purchased at a grocery store or otherwise, will be hard to beat if it is your favourite. The great thing about coffee, however, is experimentation.

Every blend is different, depending on how it is harvested and manufactured. The same sentiment can loosely be applied to the packaging of the product as well. Some packages are more standard by design, while others are more quirky.

If you are planning to sell your own roasts, here is a guide on how to come up with creative coffee packaging ideas:

Brainstorm coffee packaging ideas

Before you begin sketching some designs together, you should know what your end goal is. To stand out from mainstream coffee brands, your package should capture a customer’s attention. As such, ask yourself some questions first. What is your targeted audience for this particular coffee blend? Is it for anyone who likes the beverage? Or, is it for veteran enthusiasts?

For the latter, your packaging should be able to outline keywords that captures their attention. On the other hand, if your blend is going to be ubiquitous, adding fun colours and photos will do the trick. Once all of these answers have been jotted down, you can begin the design process.

Minimalist coffee packaging ideas

Trends come and go with creative coffee packaging ideas, depending on the time they are in. At the moment, one of the best visual themes for any product is a minimalist aesthetic. This entails keeping only the most important information on your packaging. Use one or two colours for a consistent theme, and go from there.

For coffee blends, ensure you keep your company’s name on the bag. The name should be front-and-centre, so customers know exactly what’s in the bag. Additional information can range from bean origin, to flavour of the roast. Use colours and white space sparingly here, to be easy on customer eyes. Highlight important details like the quantity, so that customers know if they are buying 250 gram coffee bags.

Geographical design

Speaking of bean origin, what better way to reel in a coffee enthusiast with fun art? If your coffee roast is primed to be different than the competition, use its origin to your benefit. Most roasts come from countries that are renowned for their artistry. Ethiopia, for example, is known for its exotic wildlife.

One of the best ways to make your coffee packaging stand out? Implement these characteristics into the overall design. Nothing makes a customer more interested than striking visuals, complemented by vibrant colours. Think about what sort of cool images can be used, and apply them accordingly.

Proportional theme

If lavish imagery and quirky colours are not your thing, it doesn’t need to be. Many coffee blends have a simple packaging design. Instead of resorting to pictures, keep the design and colours proportionate with each piece of information. For instance, the title should be inside its own box, and the secondary information inside another.

These boxes should not appear to be crooked. Keep things centered and focused, so that every bit of information is easily visible. If you prefer, you can also fill the boxes in with different colours. If you’ve ever seen the Merrion Square art piece, this can be a foundational basis for your coffee packaging!

Abstract shapes

Coffee packaging, depending on the company, can be quirky from roast to roast. There are some truly interesting designs on the market, all of which makes use of shapes. If keeping things proportional is not your thing, going the opposite route is another creative option.

For example, you can use multiple shapes in tandem with one another. Triangles are one shape that can be positioned upside down, or right side up, in the background. As long as your fonts and information are legible, this sort of imagery will not be distracting. Don’t forget to use multiple colours as well, to accentuate the abstract theme.

Paper bag packaging

Most of the ideas here so far denote the use of a standard coffee bag. If you want to step it up a notch, you can also go for this vintage option. Grab a paper bag, and integrate a minimal design onto it. You will want to keep the colour black, for both the fonts and the design. Any other colour on a brown paper bag will generally be counterintuitive, for visual appeal.

The great thing about coffee packaging is that it is a great opportunity to get creative. You don’t have to resort to what largescale coffee companies are doing. Let your inner artist come out, draw a few designs, and experiment accordingly. That way, you will not only find a unique design, but increase your sales because of it!