How Integrating Indoor Navigation With Your Business Can Do Wonders?

Most of us can’t stop talking about the benefits of indoor navigation and how it is going to make life much easier for all of us. It’s definitely going to change the way we navigate and make it almost impossible for anyone to lose their way anymore however directionally impaired they are.

Yes, indoor navigation is definitely a boon to the end users.

But, it is also useful to another important group of people other than just the end users. Integrating indoor navigation systems can do wonders for your business.

So, how exactly does it help businesses?

Let’s imagine a gang of girls in the age group of 16-25 entering a mall. As soon as they enter, they get alerts on their smart phones about the sale going on in the second floor of the mall in a particular store. The chances of these girls heading directly to that store to check out the sale are high. The chances of them making a purchase are also extremely high.

By finding the right audience and targeted marketing, businesses will definitely be able to increase their sales. By providing coupons and offers that can directly be availed by showing their smart phones, more customers can be attracted.

Supermarkets with indoor navigation can guide the customers to the aisles containing the product they’re looking for. Since it makes it easier to identify the products, sales will increase as people might not give on a product just because it is difficult to find in a large store with multiple aisles.

Event planners can create indoor maps for their major events and help people move about and check out the various stalls or booths they might be interested in. This again separates them from the others and gives them an edge over their competitors.

In the case of manufacturing industries and other shop floors, using indoor navigation systems can take monitoring to the next level. Also, indoor navigation can increase security within a building by restricting entry into certain areas.

The data collected using the indoor navigation systems can also be used to perform analytics on and improve businesses. For example, if a particular store seems to have more crowd than the others especially in a particular section, analysis can be done to see why the particular section is doing better than others. Decisions about where to place each item on the store can be made with the results of these analyses and can be used to improve business.

Smart supermarkets, smart shopping, etc is the future that we are all moving towards. Indoor navigation will definitely play a major role in all these areas. By helping to do targeted advertising, it is already helping businesses increase their sales in unbelievable ways. Making use of this emerging technology can do wonders to your business!