Google Loco Is A Funny Google Trick

Google Loco Is A Funny Google Trick Sudheer • August 12, 2016 • No Comments images
If you are not a tech savvy then you might not know that since 2015 many funny Google tricks has come up that gives a relief and entertain people after an extensive search in the regular Google. In this article you will get to know about one such funny trick that is google loco. It is not connected to Google anyway. It has been created as the parody site of Google. There are many mocked up homepages of Google but the most popular among all is the Google Loco. The set up of this website is as same as Google but only the difference is noticed with the logo which jumps up and down continuously.


The appearance of google loco as already said is as same as the usual Google search with slight difference in the logo that jumps up and down constantly. The color scheme and the font is as same as the regular Google. It seems the letters are waiting outside for their turn to enter the bathroom. Just below the search bar you will find mock up of regular Google buttons one is “Loco Search” other than Google Search and the other is “I’m feeling loco” other than “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

A special feature

As you enter googleloco, you will find another interesting feature which is not noticeable in regular Google search. The feature you will find in the search bar. When you start typing in the search bar, you will find the colors of the letter and the field will change all by itself when new letter will be typed. The colors are very impressive and are of wide range. The letters of this parody site is quite elaborated than the regular Google letters. When you search something in this website, the search result will appear on the page where you will find the logo of the Loco.

Tabs are same like usual Google

When you visit the locogoogle, you will find the tabs are same as original Google. It has tabs of video, images and news. When you search on the following tab you will find wide array of results from the web. The result that will appear on your screen, as you click on it, you will find that it is from the main Google domain. The website has a few trademark languages for appeasing the subject that is the joke.

Easy access

If this article interests you and you want to visit the loco google trick then it is easily accessible. You can type the URL directly in the browser or can get directed from the main Google domain by typing it on the search bar. You will find many other Google mock up website but it is the Google Loco which is mostly popular. So do not wait more and click on the browser to experience the features of this parody site of Google. You will have unlimited fun while browsing through this website. This website has been created to fetch profit for the publishers. It is a great medium of making money through internet.