Four Weather Conditions That Can Damage Your Roof

Your home’s roof is durable and is designed specifically to withstand considerable force. Through its overall design and the strength of its materials, it protects your home from damage caused by Mother Nature. However, in the process of protecting your home from damage, it can sustain substantial damage. This damage may develop quickly, or it may gradually become more prevalent over many long months. These are some of the more damaging conditions that can impact your roof and that may result in the need to contact a roofer for repair or replacement work.

1. Hailstones

Very small hailstones typically will inflict minor damage to your roof at best, but some hailstones are much larger. They rain down on your roof with considerable force, resulting in dents and dings. When the shingles are not perfectly flat on your home, roof leaks can develop. In addition, damage from other forces, such as strong winds, may more easily cause additional roof damage.

2. Strong Winds

Strong winds are typically associated with a rain storm or snow storm, but your home may be assaulted by very strong winds on a sunny day as well. Wind can blow huge patches of shingles off of your home. It can also cause tree branches to bend onto the roof and to tear shingles away. When even one shingle is missing or is hanging at an unusual angle, the integrity of the roof is at stake.

3. Ice

Ice on the roof is one of the most common reasons why homeowners call a roofer Toronto for assistance in the winter months. Ice can glaze over the roof evenly, but it may not melt evenly. Uneven melting can result in pools of water building up on the roof. This water can seep under the shingles to cause a leak.

4. UV Rays

On sunny days, you may not think that your roof is experiencing damage, but UV rays can also take a toll on the roof. They can damage the shingles slowly over time. Through this damage, other natural forces may more easily cause additional damage to the home. Because UV rays impact a roof very slowly, it is necessary to ask a roofer for an annual inspection to ensure that your roof is well-maintained at all times.

It can be difficult for an average homeowner to determine if a roof has sustained damage recently because of bad weather events. Most homeowners lack the knowledge to properly inspect a home, and it is dangerous for untrained individuals to walk on a steeply-graded roof to look for signs of damage. After serious weather events, contact a roofer for a professional inspection. Your roof should be inspected at least annually to ensure its proper care and maintenance.