Four Things to Establish Before Hiring Movers

As soon as you make the decision to move into a new home, you may be ready to pick up the phone and schedule professional moving services. After all, you do not want to load the moving van or truck yourself. It is wise to make your reservation with an established team of reputable movers at least a few weeks before the big day arrives. However, before you pick up the phone to compare rates, focus your attention on these important details.

1. The Specifics of Your Relocation

Most moving companies will ask you where you are moving to and what your moving date is within the first minute or two of the call. These are critical factors that determine if they can help you. For example, some movers may not provide out-of-state relocation services, and others may already be booked on your moving day. These details must be finalized before you can schedule a moving team to help you.

2. The Size of Your Move

Likewise, the size of your move will determine the size of the truck or van needed for your specific project, the number of Toronto movers needed to get the job done and how much time the company should allocate for your project. With this in mind, the moving company representative will typically ask you for information about the size of your relocation project. Some moving companies will send a representative to your home to more accurately estimate your needs.

3. The Items That You Need to Get Rid Of

Some people want to relocate every last item in their home to a new location, but many do not. When you relocate items that are no longer needed or wanted, you are inflating your moving expenses and extending the length of your project. If possible, remove unnecessary items from your home before calling a moving company for a quote. This includes furniture that will not have a place in your new home.

4. Your Need for Specialized Services

Some moving companies only offer loading and unloading services on moving day. Others offer a full range of additional services, such as packing, storage, car transportation and more. You should schedule these services at the same time that you book assistance on moving day. Understand your need for these services before you request a quote.

Many top moving companies get booked several weeks ahead of time during peak moving times. The last thing that you want is to settle for service from a company that is not reputable because they are the only option available. Focus your attention on these details today so that you are ready to make a reservation with a moving company as soon as possible.