Five Reasons to Improve the Lock On Your Tool Shed

Many homeowners have a garden or tool shed where they store power tools, hand tools and other equipment. These items may have a considerable monetary value, which is why they should be locked up. If you have used a simple lock, now is the time to work with a locksmith and improve the lock on your tool shed. Consider these five reasons why.

1. Deter Thieves

Thieves looking to steal items and make a quick dollar often go for power tools. A quality lock on the door of your tool shed deters thieves. If the thief thinks it will be a hassle to access your property, he or she will move on to the next house instead of bothering with yours. Just one look at a high-quality lock is often enough to deter a quick-moving thief.

2. Keep Children and Pets Safe

Curious pets or children may try to get into a tool or garden shed. Some of the items in the shed may be harmful or poisonous. Things such as paint thinner, mineral spirits, oil, antifreeze and solvents may be stored in the shed. Tools could also present a hazard to young kids who are curious and have watched a grown-up using them. Consult a locksmith Toronto about putting a quality lock on the shed reduces the risk of a child or pet entering and getting into one of those items.

3. Lower Property Insurance Premiums

Having a locksmith install a deadbolt lock on the door of your garden or tool shed might lower your property insurance premiums. This is because a solid lock deters thieves and lowers the risk of an accidental injury on your property. By lowering your annual property insurance rates, the lock could pay for itself in just a year or two.

4. Increase Your Peace of Mind

Whether you use your tool shed as a hobby or as a part of your business, keeping your belongings safely locked up gives you peace of mind. You can take a vacation without worrying about the protection of your belongings. You could allow your children or the children of your guests to play in the back yard without being worried that they will get into the items in your tool shed.

5. Demonstrate Your Vigilance

Keeping your belongings secure and locking your outbuildings demonstrates your vigilance about property safety. People passing through the neighborhood will see that your property is secure. It is a demonstration that you take care of what you have. The people who live near you will also benefit from your care and diligence in maintaining a home and yard that is safe and secure.