Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome online existence

Chris Oyakhilome recommends different prayers for the people who like to do prayer. One can find a large number of his prayer from the internet.

Here is the reason why Chris Oyakhilome prayers are useful to anybody.

A powerful secret weapon is accessible to you as a supporter—a stick that can stand against the forces of hell to efficiently change the atmosphere and spiritual climate of a whole nation and, indeed, of the world! That weapon is prayer, and it is accessible to you as a believer, no matter where you are or what circumstances surround you right now.

Praying for all time with all prayer and entreaty in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all insistence and entreaty for all saints

Our theme verse is quite profound. The enlarged translation makes it clearer; it says, do pray at all times on every occasion, in every season in the Spirit, with all way of prayer and appeal. Prayer is very significant. Oftentimes, when we converse about prayer, what comes to people’s brain is asking God for things, making appeal and requests; that is all they have recognized about prayer. Yes, such a prayer has its place, where you make requests, but prayer has higher reason than asking God for your requirements.

Praying for material requirements, that is, asking God for something for you is in fact the lowest kind of prayer. When you pray like that, you are praying at the babyhood stage; it’s the prayer of religious babies. Somebody could pray, Oh God, I require a job, or Lord, I require some money, or Dear Father, give me a car, a wife, a husband, a house etc.; but that is the lesser purpose of prayer.

There are higher purposes of prayer. One of them is fellowshipping with the Father through the Spirit. Another higher reason of prayer is the freedom to exercise our authority in Christ. There, you take your place of authority and reason things to come about within the ambits of the power given to you by Christ Jesus. Thirdly, prayer assists us in activating and walking in the consciousness of the divine presence. Fourthly, through prayer, we put into effect the will of the Father in the earth.

Prayer is also the work out of the human spirit. Now, you did have to understand that there are different kinds of prayer; there is a kind of prayer that is the exercise of the human spirit. Also, all the ones we previously mentioned are covered by the different types of prayer.

One can find Chris Oyakhilome prayer from the internet just by typing Chris Oyakhilome prayers. There is a large number of sites which provides his prayer. Also, Christ Embassy has his blogs and sites from which one can get his prayers.

In spite of prayer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome arrange a unique program for the youth of the world to be present at a transformation camp which helps them to be friendly and god lover.