9 Reasons Why Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life

If you have decided to get dental implants, you are probably already convinced of their benefits. However, not everyone is aware of the advantages. The following are reasons to seek this type of dental restoration.

1. A dental implant preserves both the gum and bone

Because an implant replaces a root in the tooth or serves as an artificial root, it also supports the bone and improves gum health. No other dental replacement offers this advantage.

If you choose a bridge, for instance, the prosthetic can loosen or affect the surrounding teeth. That is because the restoration is attached to the adjacent teeth. Therefore, it is better to choose implants for better gum and bone health. Other prosthetics should only be considered as temporary measures in this respect.

2. A dental implant safeguards the other teeth in the mouth

Again, a dental implant replicates a natural tooth. Therefore, it distributes the biting forces more equally. Other prosthetics such as bridges are not able to support this requirement.

3. A dental implant will prevent any problems with shifting

Because an implant fuses with the bone in the jaw, it is a permanent restoration. In turn, you do not have to worry about the nearby teeth shifting. All the teeth will remain in a healthy alignment.

4. A dental implant prevents a collapse in the bite

Once more, a dental implant is almost like a natural tooth. Therefore, it balances out your facial profile. You do not have to worry about your appearance, as this permanent restoration preserves your looks and your dental health at the same time.

5. No root canals are necessary

When you have an implant placed in your mouth, it is an artificial root – one that will not become inflamed or infected. While natural tooth roots may need root canal work or may trigger pain or sensitivity, you do not have to worry about this happening when you opt for an implant.

6. A dental implant lasts for a long time

If you want a permanent dental restoration that is well worth the time and expense, you cannot go wrong with a dental implant. Research shows that an implant will normally last for as long as thirty years.

7. Your quality of life is immediately enhanced

When you do not have to worry about a denture or bridge, but rely on implants instead, your quality of life improves. Implants help by making it possible for you to speak or chew naturally. Not only can you speak clearly, you also do not suffer from dental discomfort.

8. You do not have to rely on dentures

When you have implants placed in your mouth, you no longer need to depend on dentures. You can take care of the implants like you do your regular teeth. Therefore, they are indeed a no-hassle dental restoration.

9. Dental implant restorations are more reliable

As noted, this form of tooth replacement is much better for your dental health and appearance than other types of dental prosthetics. Therefore, implants have been proven to be a more reliable product.