6 Ways Field Service Management Software Benefits Technicians

Management tools for service technicians that allow them to better plan their day and stay in contact make it an improved experience for both the technician and dispatch department. Below are six ways that field service software directly benefits the technician.

1. Real-Time Communication to Dispatch

The ability for dispatch personnel to know where technicians were located during the workday used to require calling in using landlines or cell phones. Field service software makes it possible for communication from the technician to dispatch to happen without effort. It helps make scheduling and rescheduling easier and allows for better decision-making in choosing where to place technicians throughout the day.

2. Easy Access to Customer History

Knowing the history of the customer can prove beneficial in determining the reason for the service call. The technician can have some idea of why they are heading out to each service call. The more knowledgeable the technicians seem to the customers, the better their impressions will be of the company as a whole.

3. Improved Up-Sale Potential

Many times up-sale opportunities are lost when the available inventory is unknown at the moment. If your technician has access to knowing what items are in stock, the sale can often be made right then, creating more revenue for your company. The customer will like quick access to the actual product they want to answer their needs.

4. Ultimate Inventory Control

Each technician can check that they have the right inventory of parts and equipment before heading out to answer daily service calls. It makes it easier to stay stocked up on the essentials for getting the job done right with the first service call.

5. Job-By-Job Data Entry

Documenting each job is done more effectively when done at each service call. The ability to enter data into the system software in real-time makes it possible to increase accuracy. No details will be left out due to poorly written notes or forgetting things after a long day in the field.

6. Customized Software Designed for Service Industries

Using software that is specifically designed for the field service industry means you will be gathering the information needed for your particular industry. Being able to customize the information fields gives more flexibility in having your technicians find out the real information that has an impact on business.

Incorporating the use of field service software is one way to make the daily routine of your technicians smoother, which produces more effective results. Creating better customer satisfaction will ensure higher return calls for future business.