6 Roofing Services That Keep You Well Covered

Do you want to enhance the looks of your roof? Maybe you need to have your chimney checked? If so, you can go to one contractor for all your roofing needs. You just need to survey your roof and see where it needs improvement. This can best be done by arranging an inspection. The following services will also assist you in keeping your property protected.

1. Replacing Damaged or Missing Shingles

To keep your roof in top-notch shape, you need to replace any missing or damaged shingles immediately. For example, if you see shingles that have granules missing or you find a shingle that is curling, you should not let it go. Ask a roofing contractor to take care of the repair. Doing so will prevent water from getting beneath the roof and causing rot.

2. Keeping the Roof Spic-and-Span Clean

If you want to make sure that your roof lasts, you need to power wash it every now and then. Pay special attention to an algae or moss that has formed on the roof’s surface. These types of growths hold water and therefore can damage the shingles. Cleaning the roof with a power wash or a mix of bleach and water will kill any growths quickly.

3. Maintain the Gutters

Keeping the roof in excellent shape also means keeping the gutters well maintained. If you have any problem with your gutters, you need to speak to a roof contractor about having them replaced or repaired. For example, a hanging gutter can create holes that permits water to enter your home. Also, keep the gutters free of leaves. Make sure that they are firmly affixed to your residence.

4. Check the Chimney

Roof specialists will also check the masonry on the chimney to make sure that it is in good repair. Doing so will prevent any fire hazards and maintain the look of your residence. After all, it does you little good to have a great-looking roof and a dilapidated chimney. Roofers Toronto often can handle chimney repairs if a roof needs to be installed or repaired.

5. Schedule Twice-Yearly Inspections

The roof should be inspected twice each year, or once in the spring and the fall. Doing so will ensure that all the shingles and flashings are in good repair. You should also go inside your home and check for any roof leaks, rotting wood, or infestations. Any conditions that need repair should be addressed immediately, not later.

It is better to have a roof contractor inspect your roof than trying to do so yourself. Do not get on top of a ladder. Have the technician look at the roof himself or herself. If you need to look at the roof, do so with some binoculars. That is the best way to play it safe and not get hurt.

6. Prune Nearby Trees

While pruning is not an official roof service, it still is one activity that will keep a roof safe. Large branches can break and damage a roof. Therefore, make sure that everything is trimmed around your house and that no branches precariously hang over your house.