6 Businesses That Use Field Service Management Software

Some of the uses of field service software are obvious, like a cable company sending a technician out for repairs. But what about other uses? Keep reading to learn about the different types of businesses that use field service management software.

1. Cable companies

Cable companies use field service software to track their technicians’ locations and help them do a better job with installations and customer service. Customers appreciate the option because it allows them to get a realistic estimate of when their technician will arrive. The app also helps technicians diagnose and repair problems with its knowledge database.

2. Mobile nurses and doctors

Services that offer in-home nurse and doctor visits often use field service software to help customers track when their service provider is arriving. The software also helps the company track their employees for security reasons. The app can help the company determine the best route to get to each client, and it can also be used to keep notes and records of the visit in one central place for reference in the future.

3. Construction firms

Construction companies often have a large number of workers out in the field at any given time. This means it’s helpful for them to have a way of tracking their whereabouts and communicating with them remotely. While field service management software is not ubiquitous in the construction industry yet, it’s slowly growing and giving the companies that do use it a huge advantage.

4. Rideshare companies

That’s right, uber and lyft use a type of field service management software too. Think about it: drivers must keep the app on during work hours, and the app tracks their whereabouts. This helps the company resolve disputes about fares and routes taken, and it’s also considered a benefit for rider safety.

5. Food delivery

From your local pizza joint to national food delivery services like Foodora and Skip the Dishes, many food delivery companies are using field service software to track their deliveries. What’s great about using this software is it allows the customer to simultaneously track their order as it arrives to their house. No more guessing about when the pizza guy is going to arrive — the app can tell you automatically.

6. Couriers

These days, people are getting everything delivered right to their front door. Couriers and delivery companies can use field service software to assist customers with package tracking. It also helps the company keep track of where the delivery person is at all times. Some couriers, such as Amazon, are asking delivery people to use their app to take a photo of where the package was delivered. This is to reduce the number of people who scam the company by claiming their package was not delivered.