5 Reasons to Pursue the Project Management Certificate

If you’re interested in preparing for the exam to acquire a project management certificate, you should plan on devoting many hours of study to this preparation. This is not meant to deter you from taking this important step in your life. Rather, this information is intended to give you added incentive for pursuing a certification recognized by industry on a global basis. Once you acquire this certificate, you will be in a position to pursue a career with many rewards, excellent growth potential, and enticing salary possibilities.

1. Salary and Professional Status

Because you are preparing for an important professional career, you should always keep your primary reasons in mind. Sometimes, during preparation, you may find yourself doubting your ability to go through the entire process. But with help from the right course of study and the constant reminder that certified personnel generally receive salaries 20% higher than uncertified individuals, you should be able to continue with energy. Recognized status as a professional and great pay opportunities are excellent reasons to acquire the project management certificate.

2. You’re the Organizer

Managing a project within your company or organization isn’t a task that should be handed off to someone who happens to have the free time. When you become a certified project manager, you will be the individual who will organize information and direct the process in the most efficient manner. You will be in position to determine how company resources are allocated because you have created a workable plan.

3. Meeting Facilitator

Project management is a career that you can be proud of, especially when you’re the one who uses learned skills to keep meetings moving efficiently and helps the team get positive results. Effective facilitation is both art and science. When you are able to present your plans and information well, you will be a valuable asset to executives, to senior management, and to others who benefit from your services and products.

4. You Embody the Idea of Success

Unfortunately, many in-house projects fail because there’s no solid plan and no organized approach to the process. For example, studies show that one technology project in five will fail because of unpredictability. When you solidify your skills and your techniques in a management course, you will be able to create the plan and keep team members on the path to success, avoiding roadblocks that might otherwise halt the effort.

You can be the individual who avoids these errors. After all, your competitors are already doing exactly that. With the extensive preparation for the project management certificate, you will be ready to develop and present detailed plans based on solid and provable figures.

5. Grasping Important Concepts

This may seem a bit too general as a reason to get your certification. But, if you think of it in a slightly different manner, you’ll soon see why being able to grasp concepts quickly and accurately is essential. The study process prepares you to recognize trends and to see which

effective practices will work in your situation. You’ll feel more confident when it’s time to adapt to a changing, challenging environment simply because you prepared for the exam.