5 Popular Big Data Technologies That You Must Be Aware Of

Big data is a common term nowadays and few people have the knowledge. Basically, big data is the huge amounts of data that accumulate over time making it hard for the old technologies to handle. In order to stay ahead of their competition, companies need to handle the inflow of data and organize it accordingly for proper use. Data management is, therefore, a skill that must be present in a business as it can be the difference between being a market leader and has-been leader.

Businesses are therefore on a constant search of newer strategies to innovatively manage and use the big data. This data will reveal the trends and patterns that are useful in helping the promotional and marketing campaigns. A big data course is therefore important in the business world. Here are some of the latest data technologies that companies can use to promote businesses.

1. Cloud Dataflow

This is a conventional Google cloud data processing service that is linked to a simple programming model for the streaming data and batch-based data processing procedures. This tool eliminates your worry about programming model switching cost and operational tasks. It has a fully managed service that provides the resources that maintain high efficiency and at the same time minimizing latency. It also eases the express computational requirements through the batch and continuous stream processing.

2. NoSQL Databases

This is a database that is responsible for providing a mechanism for the storage and retrieval of data modeled in non-tabular relations that are used in relational databases. These are the main document and graph databases that are specialized in the storage of unstructured data and provide fast performance. Some of the most common NoSQL databases are Cassandra, Couchbase, and MongoDb among others.

3. NiFi

This is one of the most powerful tools to have in your company as it has a huge capacity to store and process data that comes from a variety of sources and uses minimal coding and an easy to use UI. NiFi can also automate the flow of data between varying systems. It is a very useful tool for filtering data and its security is top notch being an NSA project.

4. Data Lakes

Most businesses are now employing data lakes so as to ease the access of the vast data stores. Data lakes are huge data storages that collect data from varying sources and store it in a natural state. Just like a lake, these storages store the data the way it is collected and work well when firms are not yet sure on how they will use it presently.

5. Big Data Security Solutions

The issue of security is paramount to any business storing these huge collections of data. Security risks are imminent especially due to the increased cyber attacks and hence big data solutions are a must. These include data segregation, data encryption and identity, and access control. The possibility of security risks only increases the importance of updating knowledge through reputable a big data course.