4 Ways to Facilitate Packing before Moving Day

When moving day looms on the horizon, it is time to start packing up your household belongings to be ready for relocation. Even if the movers will be helping to pack things as part of the moving company agreement and will bring their own boxes and packing supplies, you can make the process faster and easier with the following tips.

1. Downsize.

Make a list of everything that has to be packed according to categories like dishes, clothing, tools, etc. Go through each category systematically and get rid of everything you aren’t using or don’t need. A basic rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in a year and don’t anticipate an immediate need, chances are you can eliminate it. Donate to thrift stores or have a garage sale to downsize your movable belongings.

2. Organize.

After downsizing, organize your remaining items in order, from small to largest or least important to most important, however they are of greatest value to you. Request packing containers from the moving company or get your own that will accommodate each category of items to be packed. Make sure you have appropriate padding or the right size container to avoid stuffing things into a space that is too small.

3. Safeguard everything.

Use extra padding or special protections for valuable items, such as decorator collections or family photos. Double-wrap fragile things or anything that may be subject to breakage or damage while in transit to the new home. Check with the moving company about the best way to prepare special items, or consider moving them with you rather than placing them with the other furnishings to be handled by the moving company. Be sure to use the right kind of packing materials for regular items, too.

4. Indicate locations.

If you are buying your own packing containers, such as boxes and crates, use a heavy-duty marker and large, easy-to-read labels to identify each container. Either indicate what is inside, for example, clothing, or where it should be placed at the new location, such as upstairs larger bedroom. This will make it easier for the Toronto movers to get everything loaded in the truck in the most efficient way for unpacking later as well as move everything to its intended destination in the new home.

Although moving to a new home may seem fairly uncomplicated, a few minor preparations can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Make a list of everything you plan to take, get rid of the unwanted items and overflow, pack thoughtfully with precautions, and label everything to help the movers get things to their intended locations.